Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Snack Smart: Late night snacking

Late night snacking has recently become the bane of my existence. After the kiddos go to bed, I'll usually catch an 8 oclock zumba or yoga class. Then I'll come home and lock myself away in my writer's cave with a few cans of Diet Coke and a bowl full of cereal.

I know, not the smartest behavior on the planet. And I totally know better. Right now I can get away with it because I am running 40 + miles a week. But in less than a month, my training will be over, and I will need to batten down the hatches.

Why am I eating? Because I've gone and revved my metabolism by taking a late class. True, but also just because I like to have something to pop in my mouth while I'm writing.  A very bad habit I need to break. Or at least substitute for grapes or berries.

Food is fuel. Do I need fuel right before I go to bed? No, probably not. So why am I filling up my tummy, go so it can sit and turn to fat while I attempt to sleep. Or have weird food dreams. (Who here hasn't had the late night cold pizza dream)

So my new goal is to stop. If I workout late, I will have a glass of chocolate milk or protein shake when I get home, then nothing. After 7, no solid food shall pass these lips.

I'll post an update next week and let you know how my resolve is going. Let the fridge raids cease!


  1. I need to do this too. Need to figure out how to run 40miles a week. Thatd probably totally help.

    1. Start with one. Then just keep adding them on :) 40 miles a week still kicks my butt though

  2. Does ice cream count as "solid" food? What about when it melts?



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