Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Portion Control Made Easy

Once again, it is time for me to stand up and own my problems.  I have an issue with portion control. A portion to me is whatever the heck is on my plate. I still have it drilled into me from when I was a kid and my mom would say, "Eat it all, there are starving kids in China." Even if I'm not really hungry, I will keep picking at what's left on the plate.

My solution? Only put on the plate what I can eat. At home, I'll premake meals in individual portion sizes in disposable tupperwares. That way I can just grab one, reheat it, then eat the whole thing. And then I know I didn't eat too much.  If I'm eating out, I'll get a to go box at the same time my food comes. Then I look at the plate and figure out what my portion should truly be. Then dump the rest in the doggy bag. Voila, I can now eat everything on my plate.

What about treats? Because no matter what diet you are on, everyone needs treats. Whenever I open a box or bag of cookies, I will go through and separate them into individual ziploc baggies with two cookies each. That usually equals 150 calories. Perfect for what I have allocated in my budget for treats that day. So now when I want something, I just grab a baggie and I don't have to worry about my will power and looking down and finding half the box of vanilla wafers gone.

Give premeasuring a try. It's alittle time consuming and OCD but well worth the effort.


  1. This isn't one of my strengths because for SO long my metabolism made me hungry all the time and I trained myself to eat everything I was offered so that I wouldn't be hungry (and sometimes sick to my stomach hungry) later.
    But now I don't need so much but it's hard to remind myself of that while I'm eating. These are some good ideas.

  2. Good idea! I'll try that. I overeat too much too easy.

  3. I love the idea of getting the to go box at the start of the meal. Also, separating treats into on the go portions is a fabulous idea.



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