Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chubby Wubby

I'm a wee bit concerned. My 5 year old is running around calling her sister chubby wubby. In a very cute and nice way of course. But still, I worry. Where is this coming from? TV? Or worse, my own preoccupation with fat?

I'm hoping it's not the latter. I have tried hard not to bemoan my own "chubby wubby" rolls in the company of small kids. But this plays to my bigger fear, of having weight obsessed kids. It made my life miserable from about 12 yr old on. I don't want that for my children. I want fit, healthy, happy kidlets- no matter the size or shape

I was about to sit down and have the chat about fat with the 5 yr old when I heard it. The gummy bear song on her iPod. The lyrics of which are "chubby wubby funny looking gummy bear". Aha! The culprit was found

In an effort to avoid giving the kids my issues, I very nearly introduced it to her unnecessarily. Apparently one can be a bit too over vigilant. In the future I will just try to be easy breezy about it as I can.


  1. Way to go, Mom!

    Definitely a tricky balance. As I've lost weight, I've tried hard with my kids to focus on "Wow, I'm so much healthier now" rather than, "I'm so much skinnier" or "I want to lose X more pounds" or otherwise focusing on outward appearance. I'm more and more vigilant about this stuff now that I have 2 teenage daughters, and they're faced with the social pressures and media about being uber thin all the time.

    1. Thanks Annette. Ahh, though you just reminded me that they are going to be teenagers someday. Groan!



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