Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Long Run: Pace yourself

Ok, I know. I'm late. I meant to post yesterday, but life got away from me. Which kind of inspired this post anyway. So serendipitous.

This morning I had a great run with Chrisy Ross, an author and running bud of mine. It was 19 miles. Unlike the last race, I did take it nice and slow. Averaging about 11:00 minute mile. By the end I wasn't all that tired. My leg kids hurt, but not too bad.

I learned with my running what I'm having trouble doing in my life. Pace myself.
If only life came with one of those spiffy Garmin watches that I use in running. Then just like I can tell when I am going too fast, I could see when I am doing too much.

I have a lot on my plate right now. And sadly it doesn't contain enough dessert in my opinion.
I'm training for the Utah Valley marathon. I'm working on becoming a Certified Yoga instructor. I go back to University this semester. I am trying to finish a new book. I am doing editorial revisions for the two books I've already sold to the publisher. And those are the big things. There's also two little kids that like to be fed from time to time and a house that might get buried under laundry if I don't act fast.

Point is, I am trying to go faster than my feet can carry me- to use a running metaphor. So what to do? RUN SLOWER!

Did every mile still get run today? Yup. Was it a little slower than normal? Yup. Do I feel a lot better than if I'd run it top speed? Big Yup.

So can I get everything on my to-do list done? Yup. Will it take a little longer than I want? Yup. Will I feel better if I'm not running (sorry for the pun) myself ragged everyday with no break? Big Yup.

Now I just need to reread this post everyday as a reminder :)


  1. Great post, Betsy. I love the idea of a Garmin Life Watch! Be gentle on seem so self-aware. I think that's the biggest hurdle. Some days I can run with the mustangs, other days I look forward to standing with the mules.

    Thanks for letting me tag-along for the last four miles of your run. You = mustang. Me = mule. :)

  2. HeHe. You rock. Thanks for the support.



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