Friday, June 29, 2012

Some things are not a race

I was talking to an "anonymous" friend yesterday. She read my Fleshy Confessions post from a couple days ago. She informed me about this great product that would shed all 12 of those pounds in one week. All I had to do was starve myself and subsist only on a special "drink" (nameless on purpose).  

I told her, um, no.
Why? she asked. It's only a week. Anyone can do something for just a week.

I told her the same thing I'm gonna tell you, some things are not a race.  I don't have a big fluffy white dress I need to walk down the aisle in a week. Nor am I entering a swimsuit competition anytime soon. I have learned my lesson about losing weight way too fast. It plays hell with your skin, (think a deflated balloon in several prime locations), absolutely screws up your hormone and body chemistry, and is mostly water and waste weight anyway. And it comes back.

I'm in no hurry. I can afford to be smart and tweak my life to lose a pound a week instead of turning it upside to lose it all.

I'm going to impart a little nugget of wisdom, so pay attention: The only way to long-lasting weight loss success, is finding a lifestyle that you can keep. Everyday. Without wanting to shoot yourself.

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