Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fitness Tip + Snack Smart: Muscle Fuel

Kathy working out

I know, I forgot to blog yesterday. So this is both a fitness tip and a snack smart.

Our bodies are machines. Machines need fuel. What kind of fuel depends on the task you are asking it to perform.

High endurance athletes need lots of carbs for energy and glucose stores.
PMSing women need lots of chocolate to survive the week.
Body builders need lots of protein to build muscle.

Where are you in the fuel spectrum? I am going from marathon training -- high endurance-- to muscle toning. Now I will in no way shape of form be a bodybuilder, but I need protein just the same. Not like, 10 shakes a day protein, but enough to build up the muscles I am breaking down. I generally shoot for 90 grams a day.

Now that sounds like a lot. And you are probably picturing me walking around with a steak in my mouth. But protein doesn't have to just come from red meat. Here are some of my favorite alternate routes for protein intake:

Protein shake- whey in particular. Nasty, but effective and fast
Protein bar- not my favorite. Uber nasty and can often have high sugar content you need to watch. And saturated fats.
Cottage cheese- my stand by. 14 g per half cup. One cup of this in the morning with some berries and I am on my way.
Legumes- fancy word for beans. Chili is yummy.
Nuts- filled with protein, these tasty treats can also include healthy fats in your diet. This doesn't mean to eat the whole can.

Think of your car for a minute. Would you pour sugar into your gas tank? No. I'm not saying to go sugar free, just emphasizing that the wrong fuel for your body and its tasks can make you sputter and die on the side of the road.

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  1. So true. Four of my brothers have been into bodybuilding and they always had protein shakes. For some reason I thought the shakes were just for guys. A few months ago when I started taking a RIPPED class twice a week my husband convinced to me to drink a protein shake after my workout. It have noticed such a difference in how my muscles feel! I recover faster and feel better when I have enough protein.



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