Sunday, August 19, 2012

Park City Half Marathon and the Philosophy of Finishing

So yesterday was the Park City Half. Nothing particularly worth noting about the race itself. My knee hurt when I started, it hurt worse when I finished.

What I thought about while I ran was more than the beautiful scenery, even though Park City is a gorgeous race. It was more than, "Wow I really hate these hills".  I was thinking about how exactly one year ago, I reached my goal weight and my goal of running a full marathon here in Park City. And that in the one year since, I have kept the weight off and kept running. This race gives me my 6th finisher's medal. They are a constant reminder to me of my Philosophy of Finishing, "Not everyone can win the race, but everyone can finish."

My husband was there with me last year and ran the marathon as well. He hasn't run a step since, but he was waiting for me at the finish line. Because he also believes in the power of the finish. It's not just about fitness or weight goals. Finishing should be applied to any aspect of your life. He really set this to work by going back to college after he quit 10 years ago. Now he's ripping through all the classes he needs to get a degree in Biology with a Computer Science minor.

So I want to take this moment and tell you, the reader, that whatever you have left undone in your life --  you can finish it. It doesn't matter if you're not the fastest, or a spring chick any more. Just get it done. Get that finisher's medal around your neck - either real or metaphorical - and you will find that the weight of your accomplishment will lift a weight that has burdening your spirit.

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