Thursday, August 23, 2012

No Crap Challenge

I'm down to goal weight again. But I still feel like crap. In talking to my friend, she implied it's probably because of the crap food I use to fuel my body. You are what you eat and all that.

So on Monday, I invented the No Crap Challenge. It's 30 days with no fried foods. No refined sugar. And no enriched white flour.

As of today I am 4 days crap clean. Suprisingly, I am less hungry than I've been in weeks. The cravings have subsided mostly. Amazingly, I even resisted the cinnamon roll my friends shoved under my nose. (They are my kryptonite)

I'll keep you updated. Just to be clear, my calorie budget hasn't changed. I'm not trying to lose any more weight. Just fuel my machine like a high end Ferrari instead of a POS Pinto.

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