Thursday, August 16, 2012

How Do You Tell a Loved One They're Fat?

poking the stomach fat
If they are truly overweight, I guarantee you they already know.

Parents, if your kids are overweight, don't sit them down and tell them so. I had that done to me and it scarred me for life. You are the parent, lead by example. Make healthy changes without making it a body image issue.  If your kid comes to you with a concern, then you can address it. Lovingly and without judgement. You can give them ideas to improve their lifestyle, not how to fit into smaller jeans.

Spouses... beware. Trust is a delicate issue. Never tell them unsolicited that they have a weight problem. Don't lie if asked either. Once again, subtly lead by example and work together to have a healthier lifestyle. I promise that you will create a world of issues about rejection if you start hinting about your partner's pudge.

Friends... Oh boy. Depending on your relationship, you might have more latitude. I only offer advice if asked. But I will full on tell you if those jeans make your butt look big. But only if you ask me. Or if it would be a crime against humanity to let my bud go outside and be seen in public.

In case you didn't catch the common theme, don't point out other people's flaws unasked. Work on your own. If you are asked, offer support and honesty. Find solutions, not problems.

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  1. Great post! When I saw the title I thought exactly what you said - You don't! I think we're all so self-conscious, example and love are definitely the best tools to help.



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