Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sliding Scale

Today's weight 153..2. change . -.8

A little note about weigh ins. Weight fluctuates. Daily. Hourly. Weekly. Monthly. Keep this in mind.

You will weight less after a good nights sleep after emptying your bladder. Obviously, the more you eat and drink, the more you'll weigh throughout the day. So resist the temptation to weigh again.

Also water and waste weight can make day to day fluctuations. Sunday morning I was 152. Yesterday I was 155.

These little dips and rises used to freak me out. Not anymore. If I'm doing the right thing and sticking to my budget, the weight will come off. Some days more than others. And faster once I can workout again.

But if you stress you can create cortisol otherwise known as the fat hormone. We don't want that. Plus stress can cause emotional eating. We don't want to blow our budgets either.

So just keep at it and the pounds will do their job and melt off like Popsicles in this 100 degree heat.

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