Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Snack Smart: Snack with intent

How many times have I meant to grab a handful of chips for a snack, then before I knew it the whole bag was gone? More times than my five year old can count.

Easiest solution? Don't go for the open ended snack. Figure out exactly how many calories you have budgeted for your snack, set aside the correct number of your chosen yumminess, then have at it.  When its gone, its gone.

For me at least, I have a compulsory need to finish the plate, the bag, or whatever container its in.  I blame my mother and the whole "Finish your plate, there are starving children in China". So measure and make the bag smaller.

Pay attention to each bite, otherwise, the you might look down and find the bag empty and have no clue where the food went. Aside from the crumbs on your cheek.


  1. In my case, it's crumbs on my chest. It's my catch all lol

    1. I'm telling you, I've honestly had times where I am staring down at my invisible donut going "Where did it go?" Oddly my lips taste like sugar glaze



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