Friday, November 9, 2012

Cover Girl Dreams

I am so excited! In two months the book, Finished being Fat, will be released. But it's available on Amazon for pre-order now. 

Cedar Fort did an amazing job on the cover.
Finished Being Fat: An Accidental Adventure in Losing Weight and Learning How to Finish

A year ago, I was trying to put all my thoughts and experiences to paper. Figuring out how to share my journey in an honest and funny way. Now that dream is coming true. It's a completely surreal experience.

I have no illusions that this book will be on the New York Times bestseller's list. (But I wouldn't complain if it ended up there ) I just wanted to share my story and maybe help a few people like me. People that feel trapped by past failures and are tired of the little voice in the back of their saying, "I can't because I'm a loser that can't finish anything right."

The title of this blog post is somewhat tongue in cheek. I may have lost seventy-five pounds and kept it off, but I will never be Ms. Universe with tight abs. I will never be society's vision of a "Cover Girl".  A few people have already pointed out that if I want to be a "fit" role model, I should make sure I look like one. Sorry, but I look like any other mom in the grocery store, not Jillian Michaels.

But that's the pot of gold I found at the end of my journey. Being okay with me, from the inside out. I'm really excited to share my adventures with everyone, and cheer them along on theirs.


  1. Congratulations, Betsy! That's awesome!

  2. That is a great cover. Cedar Fort always does a good job with their covers.



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