Friday, October 12, 2012

Goal Rush - October

You're invited! Join me in a Goal Rush. That's where you pick 3 food and or fitness goals and achieve them during the month.

When you're picking which goals, make sure you choose something you can control. For example, making it a goal to lose 5 lbs this month would not be a good choice. You can't control what your body is going to do. Instead decide not exceed your calorie budget of X per day. Then the weight is likely to follow, but regardless, you will have succeeded in following through with your promises.

Pick 3 things that will lead to improved health and promote good behaviors. Here are mine:
No food after 6:30 pm
At least an hour a day of exercise
Eat at least one fruit or veggie with each meal

The key to success is making sure you promise to live these goals every day. Then at the end of the day, give yourself credit for a job well done. Each night you should feel the glow of accomplishment that you have lived up to your word -- to yourself.

Here's another success tip: accountability. Declare it to the world. Make sure your friends and family know what you're doing. Please, use the comment section on this blog to lay out your goals.

Goal Rush is Oct 15 - Nov 15. Just in time to get into healthy habits before the holidays.

I'm also starting a Finished being Fat page on FaceBook. I want it to be a place for news and updates, but also a supportive community for advice and love as you work to reach your goals in life.

See you there and good luck on your Goal Rushes!!

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  1. Well, I just found your blog today after being invited to like your Finished Being Fat FB page. My goal this month is to do some kind of exercise every day for at least 30 minutes, no sugar, and to get to bed before 11pm every night.

    thanks for the support Betsy!



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