Monday, October 15, 2012

Courage to start: Goal Rush Day 1

At yoga today, a friend pointed out that I can be a little scary sometimes. To be honest, he said he wanted to throw something at me. Sometimes, I forget that where I am now, is not where I was two years ago.

Shoe to the head taken.

The goals I listed in the last post are what's right for me at this stage in my life. Two years ago, my goal was to just wake up and crawl out from under the blanket. Then, maybe get through the day without cringing in the mirror. If I was super lucky, I might go outside.

When I look back at where I was then to where I am now, I get a little over excited. I want to share what's working for me now, and I forget what it was like to cry at the mere thought of signing up to go to a gym. Let alone workout for a whole hour at one.

But that's the great thing about Finished being Fat. Wherever you are right now, is the perfect place to be today. Whether you can run 10 miles or walk for ten minutes. Maybe even wanting to walk for ten minutes is an improvement.

So I'm going to start giving a few different levels of advice, because it takes time to work up to the big goals sometimes. And the little ones are every bit as important and get you that big satisfaction of finishing. If choosing three goals this month is a little scary or intimidating ... try one. Maybe make an effort to park in the farthest spot away from the door. Or take the stairs at work instead of the elevator. Try looking in the mirror and saying one nice thing about yourself.

Remember that starting small can lead to big things. Or in the case of pants size, smaller things. Sometimes the hardest part of making a change is having the courage to start. The next step is finding the courage and will to finish.

Start with me. Finish with me.


  1. Sometimes you get to the point where you say "I can't live like this anymore." I came to that realization when I faced the fact that traditional medicine wasn't working for me anymore. Then I found a wellness doctor and went "cold turkey" off sugar. So far so good. Nearly 70 lbs now that I'll never see again. Long way to go, but every day it gets a little easier. We'll have to change a lot of holiday traditions this year.

  2. I am getting to the same point of not wanting to continue looking the way that i do. I love your blog and fell across it through the utah bloggers meetup. I will continue to follow you as you are a great motivator for me. Thanks!



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