Monday, December 3, 2012

Even good people say stupid things

Tis the season, let all something or others be forgot, and all that jazz.

Sometimes it can be tough to move past the sticks and stones. But you have to remember, even good people say stupid things, so let it go.

Last Saturday, I had a boatload of these people talking to me. My father in-law got remarried. At the reception, there were people I haven't seen in a good long while. As in 75 pounds ago.

One relative actually went up to my husband and said, "So how do like it having a beautiful wife now." My hubby, bless his heart, said, "I've always had a beautiful wife."

A friend of the family came up to me, "I had to do a double take. You look so good that I didn't recognize you." I thanked her during the rather awkward hug, then hit the punch table.

Some people mean well, but they don't have an anti-idiot filter from brain to mouth. Though annoyed, I can't let it get to me.

I want to share my rule of thumb. You should spend no more time worrying about what was said, than it took for the person to consider saying it.

That being said, take this season to let go of old wounds and start to feel lighter emotionally and that can help you be lighter physically.


  1. People forget (or don’t think) about how weight/fitness is as much about the emotional strain as the physical. I can imagine that those who already struggle with self-image would give up before they even start making changes because they don’t want to feel embarrassed by reactions like these. What you’ve written here was important to share on so many levels!

  2. Total bonus points on your husband's response.

  3. My husband has lost a lot of weight this year. So many people tell him how good he looks that he's starting to wonder how bad he looked before.

    And I, too, loved your husband's response. Perfect! We really do need to be careful to give real compliments and not ones that make the person feel worse.



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