Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The How: Fast, Cheap, or Lasting

     So hopefully now you have the What I'm going to do.  Now you need to figure out the How I'm going to do it..  Do some research, make a plan, and write it out.  Take a look at your natural resources and see what you have in abundance.  Do you have lots of time available to you, or maybe some excess cash. Do you have a support system in place, (you have me at least!), or do you need to create or find one? Here's a good rule of thumb to decide how best to approach your goal. There's fast,  there's cheap,  and there's lasting. You can combine 2 out of the three, but very rarely can you have all three at once.  You can do it  fast  and cheap, but it won't last. (crash diets, cleanses, etc)  You can do it fast and lasting, but it won't be cheap. (Surgery, professional trainer, etc) Or you can do it cheap and lasting, but it won't be fast. (eat less, move more, healthy life changes) 
    Last year when I decided that I needed to lose weight, I hadn't yet discovered my  Philosphy of Finishing. We will get in to that in a later post.  I wasn't thinking long term, I was thinking "I can't be fat for one more day!".  I didn't care how the weight came off, just that it came off. I was so blinded by desperation that I couldn't see the big picture and didn't make a plan. I went for cheap and fast.  I wanted to be skinny and wanted it now.  I hadn't put a lot of thought into maintaining and so I had set myself up for success that could't last. I have repeated this cycle dozens of times over the years
. Get fired up-----> Lose Weight -------> Stop diet and go back to life-------> Gain Weight back------> Get depressed------> Get fired up-------> and around and around for 15 years. 

   I want you to break the circle and make a plan that's a straight line more like this
 Get Fired up------>Lose Weight-----> Change outlook on life -----> Develop Healthy Lifestyle -------> Tone up and find your ideal weight-------> Maintain and continue your new healthier lifestyle.

   Think about which two you want to choose: cheap and fast, fast and lasting, or cheap and lasting.

Next time I'll go into my orginal plan, my revised plan, and  my suggested apporach to weight loss

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